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Lone working whilst volunteering

Using the lone working function on the GoodSam App

As part of the introduction of new activities and tasks there is an expectation for volunteers to be alone with the people they are supporting in their home or accompanying them to different activities in the community.

We have introduced a new lone working function within the GoodSAM app to ensure you stay safe when completing these tasks.

Please review this document along with the Using the GoodSAM app guidance.

Note: The screenshots below may look a litlle different on your phone depending on whether you have an android or iphone. However, the functionality is the same.

To start lone working

A task will need to have been accepted to enable lone working (e.g. you have a task open).

If you arrive early to your lone working activity, then you are able to toggle on up to 10 minutes before the expected time.

Please ensure you enable lone working prior to entering the environment.

1. Open the GoodSAM app on and click on the ‘Me’ tab, here you will see a ‘Lone working’ section.

GoodSAM app screen grab lone working

2. Click on the toggle next to ‘Start lone working’ and you will be prompted to enter some further information:

  • Enter basic details on your lone working e.g. home visit for support in the home, or community visit with the intended location such as lunch club for support in the community.
  • Scroll and select the approximate duration of your activity (to the nearest 15 minutes). The activity cannot last more than 4 hours.
  • Select ‘START’.
Start Lone Working

3. The app will update to show the start and end time of your activity.

GoodSAM app screen grab shift start

4. If you see this notification, it means you have not yet accepted the task that requires lone working. Please accept the relevant task beforehand.

Good SAM screen grab back button

To amend the duration

If you require longer to complete the task than first anticipated, you can amend the duration in the app.

1. Click on the ‘+’ button shown below and enter the additional amount of time you require. Then click ‘ADD’.

GoodSAM app screen grab - duration

2. This will then automatically change the expected end time of your activity.

GoodSAm screen grab  - before and after

Note: The recommended time to spend with a person you are supporting is 2 hours in their home and 4 hours in the community, but the maximum duration is set to 4 hours.

To end lone working

1. To end your ‘Lone working’, click on the ‘Lone working’ toggle.

2. Click the ‘Confirm’ button to confirm you have ended your lone working. If you click ‘GO BACK’, the pop up will disappear and your ‘Lone working’ status will remain on.

GoodSAM app screen grab - ended

Welfare checks

The lone working function in the app allows us to ensure you are safe and well whilst undertaking an activity on your own. The app will provide ‘nudges’ (via a push notification) if you do not turn on or turn off lone working as expected (at the set times). Please be reassured that our Safeguarding Team will be monitoring your activity within the app and if for any reason, you haven’t enabled or disabled the lone working status, the team will call you to check you are ok.

Lone working has not been started

The appointment time that was shown in your task is the time we anticipate you to enable lone working (or up to 10 minutes before). If you have not enabled lone working 15 minutes after the expected appointment time, you will receive a notification prompting you to do so. If after a further 10 minutes you have not enabled lone working, a second notification will prompt you to do so.

If you haven’t started lone working after the 2 alerts, you will receive a welfare check call from our Safeguarding Team.

The Safeguarding Team will ask if you:

  • If you are ok and if you have forgotten to log in – if so, you will need to enable lone working and the Safeguarding Team will talk you through this.
  • Can you still continue to carry out the task? – if not, the Safeguarding Team will end the task as not completed or rearrange the date and time you have agreed with the person requesting support.
  • If the Safeguarding Team can’t get hold of you, they will make an attempt to call the person being supported and then take other required actions.

Lone working needs to continue

At the end time of the task, you will receive an alert from ‘Welfare Alert!’ reminding you to turn off the lone working, indicating to the Safeguarding Team that you have left the lone working environment and are safe and well.

If the activity/visit is taking longer than anticipated, go back into the app and select the additional amount of time you require.

If you haven’t ended the lone working after 15 minutes of the expected task end time, you will receive 2 further alerts, 15 minutes apart prompting you to toggle off.

If you haven’t ended the lone working activity after the 3 alerts, you will receive a welfare check call from our Safeguarding Team.

The Safeguarding Team will ask if you:

  • If you are you ok and if you have forgotten to log out – if so, the Safeguarding Team will ask you to toggle off the lone working function.
  • If the Safeguarding Team can’t get hold of you, they will continue to make contact either with the person you are supporting or emergency contact details.

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Page last reviewed: 25 January 2024