The GoodSAM app

Emergency contact information

We ask that all volunteers provide an emergency contact to their GoodSAM profile. We will only use this in the case of an emergency or at a time where we cannot get hold of you, whilst engaged in a volunteering activity.

We have created the following guidance to support volunteers to add the required information.

1. Open the GoodSAM app and go to the ‘Me’ tab. The Emergency Contact section appears below: 


2. Click on the Change button and then enter the full name and contact number of your emergency contact, then select the relationship from the dropdown list and click ‘change’.

Full Name

You will now see the name of your emergency contact in the Emergency Contact box. 

You will need to ensure that your emergency contact is aware that you are adding their details and that they consent to their information being added.

3. You can login in anytime to make changes to your emergency contact by repeating the steps above. this section, by clicking on the ‘Change contact’ button under the emergency contact information section.  

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Page last reviewed: 05 June 2024