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Urgent/same day support requests

There are some urgent/same day requests for volunteer help.

To support with these, put yourself ‘ON DUTY’ via the Me tab in the app. This will ensure that you are alerted when a request for support is needed near you. Alerts that come through in this way need a same day response.

Report 'ON DUTY' needs to be toggled to ON for you to receive these  notifications. You can toggle this to OFF when you are not available to help at short notice.

Accepting the support request

When a request for support is raised you will receive an alert showing the activity type i.e. Community Response and the location. You will have the option to accept or decline the alert.

GoodSAM screen grab map image

1. If you know you are unable to support a request (for example, you have accidentally left your device as ‘ON DUTY’), please 'Decline' the alert – this will move to the next volunteer.

Declining an alert will not prevent further requests coming through to you, if you know you are not available to support, please toggle to 'OFF DUTY' as stated in the guidance above.

2. When you 'Accept' an alert you will be asked if you want to accept this call in a pop up. You can accept the request to see the details and still decline if you are not able to support once you have read the request.

The support information will be shown either in the 'Chat' tab or the 'Comms' tab dependent on the phone you are using. It will include the support required and the contact details of the person or site requiring help and any additional information that you may need.

3. Once you have read through the information, you can make a decision whether you are going to complete it or not by clicking on the 'Actions' tab:

GoodSAM screen grab You have accepted this image

If you decide to complete the task please select from the following AFTER you have attempted/completed it:

Find a route on the map – will open maps and find the best route to the location of support (is applicable).

Client did not answer ‐ If you have phoned the person 3 times and were unable to get hold of them, press 'client did not answer' this will pass the task to another volunteer. If we have no response again we will pass onto the  Safeguarding Team to make contact with the person who needed support.

Contacted – no help needed ‐ If you have contacted the person and they have informed you that they do not need any help at this time then press 'Contacted ‐ no help needed'.

Contacted provided help – if you have completed the task.

Client wants to be removed ‐ If a person states they no longer need support and want to be removed from the system press ‘client wants to be removed’. Our support team will receive the details and remove this person from the system.

4. If you do not wish to complete the task:

Pass to another volunteer ‐ If you do not want to continue with the task then press ‘Pass to another volunteer’, this will return the task into the system and another volunteer will be matched with it.

Note: Once you select any of the above options – the task information will disappear, including the contact information of the person/site requiring support. If you have an urgent/same day task that is waiting to be completed, you will not receive other alerts until this has been completed.

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Page last reviewed: 05 June 2024