Contact us

You can contact us in the following ways:

  • If you are a member of health or care staff or other professional referrer: 0808 196 3382

  • If you are a Volunteer Responder and need to contact our Support Team: 0808 196 3382

  • If you would like support from a Volunteer Responder for yourself or someone you know: 0808 196 3646

If you want to unsubscribe from email communications:

As Volunteer Responders is a digital programme, we need to send you emails to keep you informed of any updates. We also use email to let you know about any new and refreshed volunteering opportunities. There are 3 options available to you.

  1. Stay with the programme. This means you will still receive email updates and be able to continue volunteering.
  2. Join the reserves. If you want to step back from volunteering for now and join the reserves, regular communications will stop but we may contact you if new volunteering activities are created or if there is an emergency. To join the reserves, log in to the GoodSAM website, go to 'manage my preferences' to adjust the preferences in your profile and click “Put Me on Reserve”.
  3. Be removed from the programme. If you no longer wish to be a Volunteer Responder, please go to the GoodSAM website, and use the “Manage my preferences” tab to click “Fully Remove Me”. Please note this process cannot be done on the mobile app, you must log in through the website. Your data will be removed from our systems in line with our privacy notice and you will no longer receive emails. This means that you will also no longer be able to volunteer as a Volunteer Responder and will not be able to search for tasks and shifts on the GoodSAM app.

If you want to make a complaint:

We believe that it is best to deal with complaints straightaway rather than let them grow into a big issue. If you have a complaint then please raise it as soon as you can with the person you are dealing with so that they may try to resolve it for you there and then. If there are lessons to be learned, then that person will make sure they are reported to their line manager to action as appropriate.

Alternatively, please call our Support Team on 0808 196 3382 to try and resolve the issue with one of our support operatives.

If the matter cannot be dealt with this way (perhaps because of a conflict of interest or confidentiality issues) or the matter needs more serious attention, then please contact Royal Voluntary Service in the way that suits you best using any of the following:    

email us: [email protected]

Phone us: 0808 196 3382

Write to us:  Comments, Volunteer Support Team, Royal Voluntary Service, PO Box 565, Unit B, RD Park, Hoddesdon EN11 0RF.