Lone Working whilst volunteering

As part of the introduction of new activities, we have expanded opportunities for volunteers to support people one to one both in their home or accompanying them to different activities in the community.  

We have a tried and tested Lone Working function within the GoodSAM app used through some of our pilot activities and can now roll this out wider to ensure volunteers stay safe when completing tasks.  

Using the Lone Working function on the GoodSAM app 

The Lone Working function will need to be used when a volunteer accepts an activity that has a requirement of Lone Working. The Getting You Started Guides for each role will provide further information on this.  

Please ensure you read the following guidance, along with the Using the GoodSAM app guidance. 

Note: The screenshots in this guide may look slightly different on your phone depending on whether you have an Android or Apple phone. However, the functionality is the same. 

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Page last reviewed: 30 May 2024