The GoodSAM app

Top tips for using the GoodSAM app

If you are experiencing app issues such as not being able to log on, app freezing or not being able to receive or access alerts, try and troubleshoot by checking the below:


  • If unable to log in check that you have actually received an email that you have been approved and not just an email saying that your email has been verified. You won’t be able to log in until you have received the approval email.
  • Do not attempt to register on the GoodSAM app. As you have already registered, just sign in using the email and password you supplied when you registered.
  • Check you are using a phone that is compatible with the app either an IPhone 5 upwards or a Google compatible smartphone that will allow you to download the app from Play Store.
  • Check you have enabled settings to receive alerts and notifications by going to phone settings > apps > permissions and ensuring location is switched ON and ensure that notifications toggle is ON
  • Check that battery saving mode is not set to “ON” on your phone as this restricts location access and automatically turns it off, so the app would not be able to see location.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions for more information.

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Page last reviewed: 16 November 2023