FAQs for Volunteer Responders

Support requests

I need help setting up the GoodSAM app and guidance on how to respond to/sign up for tasks

You'll find the step-by-step guidance for setting up the app and responding to alerts in the Getting You Started Guides and on our Volunteer Responders website. We also have a video you can watch to help get you started:  GoodSAM app video.

Can I screenshot the person’s details so I can call them later?

The details of a task will remain on your phone for 2 days minimum. We ask that you do not screenshot the details as this may transfer to a storage area like the cloud. Please note that if you select that you have completed a task (prior to actually completing it) the details will disappear.

I have signed up for a scheduled task but can no longer help, what can I do?

Please call the Support Team on 0808 196 3382

I have received an alert that is 50 miles away from me and I am not a Check In and Chat Volunteer?

Please 'Pass to another volunteer'. This may happen if the location settings are not correct on your phone. Make sure your location settings for your phone and the app are turned on and wait for another referral to come through. Please call our Support Team on 0808 196 3382 if you require support. 

For Check In and Chat, location is not important as this is a telephone service.

Why am I receiving alerts after 7:30pm?

The GoodSAM app will only send notifications up to 7:30pm, however due to your signal/wifi availability/settings you may receive these alerts to your phone after this time. Please do not complete any requests after 8pm.

Why have I received an alert from yesterday?

This may happen if the referral was made and accepted by a volunteer who then dropped it after the 7:30pm cut-off. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to complete an alert, please reject it to ensure it is sent to another volunteer in time to avoid this happening.

Does being a Volunteer Responder mean you will be called to an emergency? Is this the same as a First Responder for heart attacks?

You will only be asked to support tasks linked to Volunteer Responder activities you agreed to do. The GoodSAM app is used by a number of organisations for different purposes, such as emergency responses. However, you will be using it as part of the Volunteer Responder programme, which does not involve dealing with medical emergencies.

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Page last reviewed: 12 June 2024