FAQs for Volunteer Responders

Support in action

Can I continue to support a person outside of the scheme?

No. Volunteer Responders has stringent safeguarding and other support systems in place to protect both you and the people we support. For the safety of you and the people you help, you should not continue supporting anyone outside the programme.

How far am I reasonably expected to travel in order to fulfil a request?

Most of the travel requests will be very local, less than 5 miles. In more rural areas this will increase to a maximum of 20 miles.

Can I provide support after 8pm?

Alerts will be sent to people during the daytime and need to be completed by 8pm.

Can I accept/give a gift from/to the person I am supporting?

In the Volunteer Agreement you signed up to when joining Volunteer Responders, it states that you agree to: ‘Not accepting any gifts or money from people you are supporting’.

We understand this might be hard to refuse and you don’t want to cause offense but giving or receiving gifts can blur boundaries and may create in the mind of the person being supported a perceived personal friendship instead of a professional relationship.

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Page last reviewed: 12 June 2024