FAQs for Volunteer Responders

Managing my activities

How do I review which activities I can support as a Volunteer Responder?

Volunteer Responders are able to view which activities they are able to support by logging in to your GoodSAM account on the website.

Click on the 'Manage your current activities' tab. Here you will see the options available to you depending on whether you've completed your ID and DBS check (if required).

Can I add/remove roles?

Yes you can add or remove roles at any time. You may need to go through additional checks depending on which activities you select.

In these instances you can manually select to add them, go through the additional checks and these will be selected in your profile once cleared.

How do I update my driver status?

You will need to login to the GoodSAM website (not the app) and go to the 'Manage my roles' tab. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm your driving status or you can click the button the page to complete your driver declaration.

Why are you collecting my driver status?

To continuously improve the programme, we are capturing driver information to understand who is willing to drive for any existing and any upcoming activities.

You only need to do this once the next time you login to your GoodSAM account. This will need to be done on the website, and cannot be changed on the app. However, you can amend this at any time by logging in and changing your status.

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Page last reviewed: 12 June 2024