Ambulance Support Volunteer

Frequently asked questions

What information will I be given beforehand?

Timings of the shift, details of the site location and a site contact will all be provided in advance.

How long will the shifts be?

Shifts will be 4 hours long.

Will I be with other volunteers?

The shift information on GoodSAM will indicate how many volunteers are required for the shift. The pilot gives the opportunity to change these requirements based on demand by the Ambulance Service.

How many shifts can I do?

As many as you would like, but please make sure you look after your own welfare by taking regular breaks.

Will someone meet me on site?

The first time you volunteer at a site you will be met by a member of staff who will show you the facilities or this will be done in advance of the pilot by webinar. For repeat shifts, someone will always be contactable on the phone.

Will I be preparing food and drink?

You will be preparing hot and cold drinks and ‘shelf-based’ food such as cereal, bread, tinned food. Please do not bring any food or drinks from home for the Ambulance Staff.

Will I be trained in what I need to do?

There will be an introduction folder available at site to support you, but you can also call somebody if you are unsure or have any questions.

Will I be based outside?

This will depend on the set up at each site. Some locations may have a portacabin or vehicle for you to use.

Will I deliver food and drinks to the parked ambulances?

No, Ambulance Crew will come to you.

Will I be handling money?

No, this service is free for Ambulance staff.

Can I claim expenses?

Travel expenses / parking can be claimed, please visit

How will I find out what supplies/equipment will be available?

You will find all the information you need in the introduction document at each site, this might be a folder or a QR code to get the information via your smartphone.

If I need to use my own vehicle, what do I need to consider?

It is likely you will need to use your boot, please ensure this area is clear and clean and that you have followed our guidance about car insurance in the Key points for Volunteer Responders page.

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Page last reviewed: 20 December 2023