Making a referral for someone else

Support requirements

Select the type of support you are requesting from the available options. For more information see support available.

When you select the type of support the available activities for this category will be displayed, not all activities are available in all locations, the image below is an example.

Screen grab from the GoodSAM app showing Support Requirements for someone who needs support

Telephone Support

Friendly chats to reduce loneliness and improve wellbeing.

Available activities:

Community Response

Collection and delivery of essential shopping, prescriptions, or lateral
flow tests to people at home. Alternatively, accompany the person to an activity in the community.

Available activities:

In Home Support

Volunteers provide companionship to a person and encourage them to engage with activities at home such as hobbies, leisure activities and past times.

Available activity:

Enter your details into the referral form. These should be the lead contact for this support request.

You will then need to enter the reason for the activity support.

Screen grab from the GoodSAM app showing sewlections for someone who needs support

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Page last reviewed: 08 May 2024