Community Response referrer guide

Shopping – small shop

Shopping - small shop aims to support people who are unable to collect their essential shopping.

This will be a small shop, typically a few items in a basket that can be done at a local shop. Volunteers will support by delivering the shopping to the doorstep or if required, support the person by taking it into their home.  

Volunteers are not permitted to purchase alcohol or tobacco products for the person being supported. 

This activity is available either as a one-off or once a week for a maximum of 6 weeks.     

Who is eligible for this support?

This may be:

  • to carers and to people with health conditions where there is a current health need
  • people waiting to be admitted to hospital or those who have just been discharged
  • a person referred must have access to a means of payment (if required).

This support is not suitable for:

  • People who can collect their own shopping.

Please ensure you have also read the programme referral criteria and that the person meets this criteria before making a referral. 

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Page last reviewed: 08 May 2024