Community Response referrer guide

Connect – accompany to an activity

Connect – accompany to an activity aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people receiving support by assisting the person to engage in social activities, hobbies, and pastimes within their community. 

Volunteers will support people to access the community and take part in social activities. This could include:  

  • Aiding people to go out into the community for example for social activities such as walks.   
  • Helping people to join new activities and social groups.  
  • Helping people access public transport and gain confidence in going out.   
  • Enabling the maintenance of connections/relationships by supporting to visit a loved one in hospital or residential care.  

Our volunteers will support people to participate in activities within the community, but will not replace the work of paid carers or carry out any personal care i.e. supporting people to the toilet, feeding, getting dressed etc.

Who is eligible for this support?

This may be:

  • people with health conditions where there is a current health need
  • person requesting support must have mental capacity
  • someone who has the ability to self-mobilise and transfer from seat/car etc if required.

This support is not suitable for:

  • people who require In Home Support.

Please ensure you have also read the programme referral criteria and that the person meets this criteria before making a referral or see In Home Support.

Acceptable activities – to be completed together

  • Supporting to access activities in the community e.g., going for a walk, visiting a Library, Social Group or Lunch Club
  • Support to access the local shops or supermarkets to do their own shopping, accompanying them to a local café
  • Support to use public transport e.g. finding and using the local bus routes
  • Support to maintain relationships by supporting people to visit a loved one in hospital or residential care.

Activities that are not acceptable

  • Being a collection and delivery service
  • Collecting and dropping to personal appointments.

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Page last reviewed: 05 June 2024