Referral criteria

Requesting support for people 

Volunteer activities are not designed to be treatment services and therefore you should not refer anyone with complex vulnerabilities or needs into this programme.

Please use your discretion as an approved referrer to decide whether it is appropriate to refer a person for support from a volunteer. 

The person being referred:  

  • Must be over 18 years old  
  • Must live in England  
  • Have capacity to consent to the referral 
  • Have ability to self-mobilise  
  • Referral supports the persons mental/physical health 
  • Must have mental capacity   
  • Must have access to a means of payment (if required) 
  • Is not known to be a risk to themselves or others (i.e. due to a physical or mental health condition or previously known risk for example, criminal convictions)
  • Is not engaged in current misuse of alcohol/illicit substances.

Requesting support for sites 

Volunteer activities are to support sites and services but cannot be used to replace any obligations to deliver i.e. paid worker replacement.  

The site being referred: 

  • No biological samples to be handled by volunteers 
  • No scheduled 1, 2, 3 medications to be handled by volunteers.

Each activity guide also lists specific eligibility criteria that may apply for that support, it is important you read this before making a referral.  

Please note all volunteering activity must be completed by 8pm, support is not available after this time. 

To make a request, call 0808 196 3382 or

Make a request online