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Supporting a person in the community

Volunteers may be required to accompany a person to do their shopping or going for a walk, or even with support finding or attending a social group in the community. You may be required to support the planning of this including any travel routes or public transport times etc, but the support will always start from the person’s home address.

Volunteers are welcome to use their own vehicles to transport people to and from activities, however, we want to encourage people to be able to access activities independently in the future, so you may want to encourage use of public transport and support people to use it.

We advise that volunteers allow a few hours to support and be mindful that it could include travel to and from an activity, as well as the duration of the activity. Support can be provided for a maximum of 4 hours.

We don’t want volunteers to be out of pocket for taking part in any social clubs/activities with the people you are supporting so remember to check out the Expenses Policy and Guides to see what expenses you can claim for when doing this activity.

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Page last reviewed: 20 December 2023