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Ongoing support

What should I do if a person asks me to continue supporting them beyond the 6 weeks?

Please explain that you are not able to continue supporting as a Volunteer Responder after the 6-week period has ended.

The programme has been designed so that there are certain safeguards in place to protect you and the person you are supporting. Health and care professionals are referring people into the programme on the understanding that these safeguards are in place and upheld. Failure to do so risks undermining their confidence in making future referrals.

A person being supported can request further support via the professional referrer who raised the original request for support or during your contact, you may have conversations and realise that the person might benefit from further support such as Check In and Chat or Community Response. People can self-refer for a this support by calling the Support Team on 0808 196 3382.

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Page last reviewed: 28 November 2023