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Ambulance Support

As an Ambulance Support Volunteer, you will support Ambulance crews by supplying the provided snacks and refreshments to staff handing over patients at Emergency departments (A&E). 

Each Ambulance Support Volunteer shift will be up to 4 hours long and, in some cases, you will undertake the task alongside another volunteer. Volunteers can complete more than one shift in the same day.  

Your role will include preparing hot drinks, serving cold drinks and food e.g. prewrapped snacks and fruit, to Ambulance crews. This is a free service to Ambulance crews, so no money handling is required by volunteers. All shifts will be concluded by 8pm, please don’t agree to stay after this time.

Getting started 

Before your first task 

  1. All requests for support will show in the GoodSAM app under the ‘Activities’ tab. You will need to log into the GoodSAM app and regularly check for new requests for support in your area. Please refer to using the GoodSAM app for information on how to log into the app and manage requests for support. 
  2. It is really important that you look carefully at the shift details in the GoodSAM app under the ‘Activities’ tab. The details of the location on site, along with any other important information and the telephone number of a Site Lead should you require assistance can be found here. 
  3. This role will be delivered in an outdoor environment. It is essential you wear appropriate clothing. You are required to wear shoes that cover your feet - sandals and flipflops are not permitted due to Health & Safety requirements. 
  4. There may be limited space and limited seating. 
  5. There may be periods of time when no support is needed by Ambulance Crews. We encourage volunteers to bring along an activity e.g. book/newspaper etc. for these quiet periods. Please be mindful of limed storage on site. 

Activity specific tips 

Each site will have a different facility set up to deliver this service for example, you may be providing refreshments from a portacabin, van or using your own vehicle (equipment will be provided). 

When on site you will have a nominated person to support you. They will be available if urgent assistance is needed. Details of how to contact the Site Lead will be in the introduction document on site. You will also be able to call the Support Team on 0808 196 3382 if you require any support. 

When you arrive on site, you will need to locate the introduction folder which will either be available in the facility or as a digital resource such as a QR code. Please make sure you read this first before you provide support. Volunteers will need to follow the guidance given in the introduction folder e.g. Food Safety checklist, Health & Safety instructions, and practical information. 

Health and Safety 

Volunteers will need to follow the instructions in the introduction folder to be able to deliver the service to ambulance crew effectively and safely. 

Please remain vigilant to your surroundings as ambulances may be arriving at speed. 

This activity requires no patient contact, however, there may be families of patients around the area. Remember that this service is for ambulance crew members and not for patients or family members, unless a crew member advises otherwise. 

If you are required to close the facility at the end of a shift, please leave it in a good state ready for the next shift.  

If you feel unwell, please decline your shift as early as possible to allow another volunteer to pick up the shift. If you feel unwell during your shift, please contact the Site Lead to inform them. 

Volunteers are not insured to start up or move any of the vehicles (if there is one at the location), please contact the site lead should you need support regarding this, where a member of staff will be able to support. 

If you are using your own vehicle please ensure you have followed our guidance about car insurance in key information for Volunteer Responders. 

Safeguarding requirements on site 

Please do not take any photos or videos on site of patients, crew, visitors or vehicles unless specifically requested by Royal Voluntary Service or Ambulance Services Communications teams. 

Any safeguarding concerns relating to you or anyone else must be reported to the Site Lead as soon as possible. The Site Lead will support you to ensure that everyone is safe. 

We will be collecting shift feedback via the GoodSAM app once your task is completed.  

If you experience any difficulties while you’re volunteering or face any circumstances which make you feel uncomfortable, we are here to support you. Please call the Support Team on 0808 196 3382. All concerns will be handled sensitively, and we will work with you to ensure a safe and positive volunteering experience.    

Potential questions you may be asked

See potential questions you may be asked.

Skills Bank 

We have a selection of resources in the Skills Bank that may help you with your volunteering. We have linked to the resources that we think would support you with this activity, take some time to look through them to build your confidence. 

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Page last reviewed: 05 June 2024