During your volunteering you may undertake activities such as Stewarding that require you to help marshal people through a site.  

Top tips to help you with marshalling skills 

  1. Clarify – Clarify from your site lead exactly what is expected. This should be information that is shared with you in an onsite induction but if you have attended before you may not be offered an induction.   

    Ask any questions that you need to ensure you understand where you are directing people and if there is anything else you need to know such a fire exits/planned drills, where facilities can be accessed and how to direct/help people with accessibility needs. 

  2. Communication - When stewarding you need to communicate effectively with participants, other volunteers and onsite staff. You can read our meet & greet guide for further information or access our supporting positive communication guides for more detailed information.  

  3. Problem solving - Stewards encounter various situations during events, from managing crowds to handling emergencies. Quick thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial for resolving issues efficiently.   
    See our problem solving guide for more information. 

  4. Flexibility – You may be required to move around the site or change roles during your shift as needs change. Be prepared to accept new instructions if needed.

  5. Preparation – Ensure you are dressed for the site you are attending; you may be outside or on your feet for the duration of your shift so appropriate clothing and footwear are essential. There may not be anywhere to store things on site so think about what you bring with you to your shift.

Marshalling skills are about creating a positive experience for people accessing the site and being a friendly face, in some scenarios the people you are helping might be nervous or anxious. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your site leads to help with future shifts.