Ambulance Support Volunteer

Getting You Started Guide

As an Ambulance Support Volunteer, you will support Ambulance crews by providing snacks and refreshments to staff handing over patients at Emergency departments (A&E).

All requests for support will show in the GoodSAM app under the ‘Task’ section. You will need to log into the GoodSAM app and regularly check for new requests for support in your area. Please refer to using the GoodSAM app for information on how to log into the app and manage requests for support.

Each Ambulance Support Volunteer shift will be 4 hours long and, in some cases, you will work alongside another volunteer. Volunteers can complete more than one shift in the same day. Your role will include preparing hot drinks, serving cold drinks and food e.g. confectionery and snacks, to Ambulance crews. This is a free service to Ambulance crews, so no money handling is required by volunteers.

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Page last reviewed: 15 January 2024