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Pick Up and Deliver - referrer guide

Pick Up and Deliver: NHS organisations require volunteers to support sites and individual patients who have been newly discharged from hospital to home or are being cared for on a virtual ward.

This could be delivering medicine or monitoring equipment to a person’s home, returning any undelivered items, or supporting the movement of equipment between sites.

How to fill in the referral form

Complete the referrer information

  • Select your Local Authority and which type of organisation you represent from the dropdown list.
Referrer type GoodSAM app screen grab

  • Select which type of support you require: You must select the correct support as this is matched to a volunteer with specific vetting for that role. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, PLEASE CALL 0808 196 3382
Pick Up and Deliver GoodSAM app screen grab

The 'drop down' above will show 2 options:

  1. Short notice/today
  2. Advance notice/future – Shifts should be 24 hours or more in advance.
Pick Up and Deliver GoodSAM app screen grab

Site details

Enter site details:

  • Site's Name
  • Lead Contact Name
  • Site's Email Address
  • Site's Contact Number
  • Site's Address
Site GoodSAM app screen grab

Transport details

For short notice or today, enter:

  • Patients's name
  • Patients's address
  • Patients's postcode
  • Additional information
Transport details GoodSAM app screen grab

For advance notice or future, enter: 

  • Date and time of transport
  • Number of volunteers required
  • Additional information.
Transport details GoodSAM app screen grab

Additional information

Enter any additional information that will be relevant to volunteers. As a minimum, this should include where/who to report to on arrival. Do not enter any personal or sensitive data into this section as this information is shared with volunteers.

Additional information GoodSAM app screen grab

If the shift is recurring, enter how often the support is required

Shift frequency GoodSAM app screen grab

The system will duplicate the first referral entered and will generate the multiple shifts based on the frequency entered.

Your details

Your details GoodSAM app screen grab

What next?

Once you click Register Referral, your request will be live in the system. The system will now automatically search for nearby ‘on duty’ volunteers. Alerts will be sent to one volunteer at a time. If a volunteer accepts then the referral will be matched. If a volunteer rejects or does not accept an alert, it will move on to the next volunteer. 

No match is made

If your dashboard shows that a task was not matched with a volunteer, you can always log a new request for support.

If you have any problems, please contact the Volunteer Responders support team on 0808 196 3382.

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Page last reviewed: 16 November 2023