Dementia fact sheet

The Dementia Friends programme

This successful programme from Alzheimer’s Society is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. The programme is quick to follow and will support you in your volunteering when supporting people affected by dementia.

Visit their website and type in your unique code NHS999

  • Watch at least the 2 videos titled ‘Understanding Dementia’ and ‘The Bookcase Analogy’ to learn more about dementia and how you can help – and you can choose to watch the remaining videos as well.
  • Sign up to receive your virtual Dementia Friends badge. You can also let others know all about the programme -
  • Once you have learnt more about dementia, simply commit to taking your own individual action – your generous donation of time and compassion as a Volunteer Responder is a great action to be taking. 

Alzheimer’s Society can help to answer questions about dementia.

For more information visit

Connect with other people affected by dementia via the Alzheimer’s Society online community Talking Point at

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Page last reviewed: 03 November 2023