Check In and Chat Volunteer

Getting started

You should introduce yourself and let the person know that you are a volunteer who is supporting the Volunteer Responders programme. Please be aware that the person you are supporting may have referred themself or a healthcare professional has put in a request for support on their behalf.

Let them know you are calling to check in and make sure they are ok and have everything they need.

As appropriate to their circumstances, you may choose to offer gentle suggestions to help them connect with others, become more physically active or learn a new skill. The NHS steps to mental wellbeing gives a good framework to help with this.

If they have access to the internet you can point them to the Royal Voluntary Service Virtual Village Hall where they can access online sessions like creative arts and crafts, music and singing, cooking and baking, dance and exercise and technology skills.

You may also want to look at and the NHS Better Health website also offers guidance on kickstarting your health. If you can signpost the person to other advice and support, that’s great, but sometimes a friendly ear is enough and if you have identified during your chat that they could benefit from some extra practical help then contact our Support Team who will be able to follow this up.

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Page last reviewed: 19 February 2024