Volunteer activities

Guidance for Volunteer Responders

There are various activities that make up the Volunteer Responders programme, each has their own requirements and guidance.

A man in conversation on his mobile

Check In and Chat

You'll be providing simple but important telephone support to people who may feel lonely.

An older man talking on the phone

Check In and Chat Plus

You'll be providing telephone support to people who may be particularly vulnerable.

A Volunteer Responder loading prescripiton deliveries in to their car

Community Response 

You’ll be supporting people with shopping and/or collecting, lateral flow tests and prescriptions.

An older lady waiting for medication delivery from a Volunteer Responder

Pick Up and Deliver

You'll be taking equipment and supplies between NHS sites and delivering medication to people at home.

People waiting in a waiting room

Steward Volunteers

You’ll be guiding people to make sure the vaccination process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

A younger volunteer in a car showing her mobile phone

Pilot activities 

We work with health services to develop new volunteering activities that support people and the NHS.