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Questions this week include not being able to see task details on the GoodSAM app, not being able to see activities and do you need to register lone working if you enter the home to drop off shopping.

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I can no longer see details (such as surgery name or clinic for inoculation support) on the Activities tab. Where is the information?

If you click or swipe on the activity, you will be able to see more information and the site details should be included in this.

I can’t see any activities on my GoodSAM app.

It’s important to check that all settings are correct and that notifications and location access is enabled. We have provided guidance in our GoodSAM app guide, 'how to download and enable settings'.

You should also check to make sure that you have the latest updates to the GoodSAM app. You can check this by going into your phone settings, into apps and checking if any updates are needed for the GoodSAM app. You can also check the GoodSAM app in Apple Store or Google Play and if there are updates required you will be able to click on updates. This will ensure you have the latest version, and nothing is restricting access to future tasks.

Do I need to register Lone Working if I enter a home to drop off shopping?  

Yes. Any activity where you enter a person’s home requires lone working to be activated. 

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Page last reviewed: 26 June 2024