Engage Volunteer

Getting started

You will support staff working in care settings to deliver one-to-one and/or group activity sessions to their residents.

This will include providing support with hobby and leisure activities by being an additional support to the activity being undertaken. Your focus as a volunteer is to support the person to take part in these activities. 

Key tasks

  • Supporting activities such as board or online games, chair-based exercise class, arts and crafts, baking, knitting, sewing, singing and reading amongst many others.  
  • Where activities are delivered in a group setting you will support with fine motor skills, for example threading a needle, writing/cutting out and encouraging residents to join in. 
  • Supporting the staff member leading the sessions with instructions or collecting materials and setting up activities. 

You will be supporting a range of people, and you may be required to make reasonable adjustments to remove any barriers to participants. The staff member leading the session will instruct your contributions when on site.  

You will not be responsible for the direct facilitation of activities, and you will not be required to support with any personal care or mealtime tasks. If you are asked to do any of these tasks, please politely decline and you can let the Support Team know on 0808 196 3382 after your shift so we can follow up with the referrer.

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Page last reviewed: 29 January 2024