Community Response Volunteer

Supporting with prescriptions

During your activity you may be asked to collect and deliver a prescription on behalf of a person.

Step 1 – Arranging the collection

Volunteers should call the person to confirm they are collecting the prescription;

  • Ask which GP surgery or pharmacy will have the prescribed medication. Ask whether the person pays for their prescriptions or has an exemption or pre-payment certificate. If they do, refer to the making paying for a prescription section.
  • You may need to provide some personal details to the pharmacy to collect the prescription such as the person’s name and address. Check this information with the person beforehand. Ask the Pharmacist to place repeat prescription slip or any owing notes inside the bag and reseal with pharmacy sticker label. Follow any instructions given by the Pharmacy team, for example temperature sensitive medicines.
  • Let the person know what time you are going to collect and drop off the prescription.
  • Tell the person that you will only be able to drop off the prescription at the doorstep and check they are able to come to the door to collect it.

Step 2 – On delivery

  • Knock and wait for the person to come to the door. Ask the person for their name and address and check this on the labelling. Do not open the bag.
  • Only hand the medicines to the person who is named on the package or agreed on the phone call initially with the person being supported.
  • Pass the prescription to the person or place the prescription on the doorstep.
  • Pass on any information provided by the pharmacy or if any owing notes or repeat prescription slips are in the bag.

Important information

  • Protect the person’s confidentiality. When collecting prescriptions, the person may need to provide sensitive information such as details of their prescription. Volunteers must understand the level of confidentiality expected of them, a person’s privacy must be respected at all times.
  • Some medication may need to be stored in the fridge and you will be told this on collection. It is important to pass this information on to the person.
  • Any prescriptions that cannot be delivered need to be returned to the pharmacy.
  • Do not open the prescription bag. If the medication spills or breaks return to the pharmacy.
  • If the person has a question about the medication, please ask them to contact the pharmacy.
  • Under no circumstances are volunteers to administer any medication.

Payment options - Paying for a prescription

  1. Call the person and introduce yourself, let them know that you are a Volunteer Responder who is going to support them for up to a 6-week period.
  2. If they need support with a prescription, explain that they will need to call the pharmacy and place an order for their prescription over the phone and make payment. Help them to find out the contact details for the pharmacy if they need support.
  3. Tell them that you will call them back within 10 minutes to check that the payment is confirmed. You will also need to check what time the prescription will be ready for collection. (Remember the person will not have your phone number, as you should always withhold your number. You will have to make all calls to them).
  4. If the pharmacy will not accept payment over the phone, see payment options or contact the Support Team on 0808 196 3382 who will be able to help find a solution.

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Page last reviewed: 03 November 2023