Community Response Volunteer

Supporting with lateral flow test collections

The NHS offers treatment to people with COVID-19 who are at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill and those eligible for treatment should keep lateral flow tests at home.

Eligible people will be able to pick up free rapid lateral flow tests from a local pharmacy. This will replace the current online and telephone ordering services for free lateral flow tests provided by GOV.UK and 119.

As a Community Response Volunteer you may receive a task from an individual that is unable to pick up these lateral flow tests. You can choose a pharmacy nearest to you as it does not matter where they are collected from.

You will need to establish the following information from the person to ensure you can pick up the tests from the Pharmacy:

Step 1 – Arranging the collection

Volunteers should call the person to confirm they are collecting the lateral flow tests

  • Call the person and let them know you need to ask some questions so you can confirm with the pharmacy that they are eligible for tests. Let the person know you will destroy this information in line with the programme data protection policy once you have collected the tests from the pharmacy.
  • You need to collect the following information from the person you are collecting the tests for: 
      1. The medical condition they have which has been identified as being at risk for COVID-19 (this is to confirm eligibility with the pharmacy)
      2. Full name
      3. Date of birth
      4. Address
  • Let the person know what time you are going to collect and drop off the tests.
  • Tell the person that you will only be able to drop off the tests at the doorstep and check they are able to come to the door to collect it.

Step 2 – On delivery

Follow safe practices when handing over the tests. You can wear a mask if you choose.

  • Knock and wait for the person to come to the door. Ask the person for their name and address and check this on the labelling. Do not open the bag.
  • You can ask the person to stand back from the door so you can place the tests down for them to pick up or hand them over.

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Page last reviewed: 25 January 2024