Pat, Community Response

Pat is a passionate volunteer from Buckinghamshire. For over 3 years Pat has been supporting the NHS and Care Volunteer Responders programme, selflessly giving his time and efforts to support those most vulnerable.

Pat is committed to giving back and helping others through volunteering, which he finds particularly rewarding.

"When the call to support the NHS by volunteering came at the start of the pandemic, I signed up without any hesitation.

"I have always enjoyed volunteering, it’s a great way to give back and support others.

"Through Volunteer Responders, I have offered support with a range of tasks such as friendly Check In and Chat calls and stewarding at my local COVID-19 vaccination sites, but mostly, I have spent my time helping with Community Response tasks where I collect and deliver food shopping, prescriptions, and other essentials to vulnerable people in my community.

"I have found volunteering to be thoroughly exhilarating. I have been able to connect with and provide support to many people, people who deeply appreciate the help they have received. It is great to see a smile on the individuals’ faces.

"One of the most memorable tasks I undertook was shopping for a particular individual over a 6-week period. Each week, I would knock on his door at the designated time and day, and he would hand me his shopping list along with a hand-drawn map of the grocery store. This map included the item's location, brand, price, and the precise aisle number. It was extraordinary and extremely helpful for me.

"I would absolutely recommend volunteering to others. I have found volunteering very rewarding and emotionally fulfilling. Through volunteering, I have been able to connect with other volunteers who have since become good friends."

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