Graham, Pick Up and Deliver

Graham, a dedicated volunteer with the NHS and Care Volunteer Responders, embarked on his volunteering journey as a heartfelt way of expressing gratitude for the care he received during cancer treatment.

Through volunteering, Graham supports both the NHS and people in his local community.

"I first signed up as a volunteer after seeing the activity advertised on Facebook. Volunteering for NHS and Care Volunteer Responders is a meaningful way to give back and thank the NHS for the care I received while undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. Through volunteering, I have even been able to support patients and staff at the hospital where I received care.”

"Volunteering has been a very rewarding experience. As a Pick Up and Deliver Volunteer, I can ensure those receiving treatment and recovering from illness or injury have access to the medication and prescriptions they need. In this role, I collect and deliver prescriptions from hospitals and pharmacies to take to vulnerable people.

"Working with hospital staff, pharmacists, and car parking attendants has been both helpful and enjoyable. Yet, the most rewarding part is witnessing the gratitude on the faces of patients and staff when I arrive with the essentials – it's as though I'm delivering a present.

"Being a Volunteer Responder is a satisfying and rewarding way to give back to others – It's also an opportunity to challenge my mind, especially when navigating and trying to find the correct address!"

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