Meet & greet

During your volunteering you may undertake activities such as Stewarding or Ambulance Support that require you to meet and greet people but these skills can be applied across all of your volunteering. 

Here are some top tips to help you with Meet and Greet skills  - 

  1. Body language– Think about your posture and body language when in a public facing role, this can be as simple as standing or sitting upright with shoulders back and arms unfolded to give an open and friendly stance to people approaching you. 

  2. Make eye contact - Making eye contact indicates engagement and focus. It shows that you’re interested in the other person. Avoid staring at your shoes, watch, or phone, as it suggests disengagement. 

  3. Smile – A simple smile is welcoming and inclusive and will help to put others at ease and often reward you with a smile back!  

  4. Friendly greeting- A simple hello and if appropriate introducing yourself or your role on site will create a welcoming atmosphere and help to put people at ease.  

  5. Space – Respect personal space and don’t get too close to people or touch them, this is especially important at vaccination centres where the people attending may be medically vulnerable.  

  6. Clarify your roleClarify what is expected of you with your site lead in terms of meet and greet and giving directions or providing refreshments.  

Remember that in some scenarios the people you are greeting might be nervous or coming from a stressful situation. Being able to read them and tailor your meet and greet to this is a great skill to learn. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your site leads to help with future shifts.