The Guinness Partnership, Cheshire

"My goal is to ensure that residents can continue living independently. If I notice that someone is struggling in some way, I make referrals to different partners and organisations, including NHS and Care Volunteer Responders.  

"The Companionship Calls provided by the volunteers are really valuable for people facing health challenges, whether they have just been discharged from hospital, diagnosed with a new medical condition, or are expected to be admitted to hospital. I have made referrals for older residents who have experienced major medical issues. The volunteers have been lovely, they have helped them talk things through and eased their loneliness. 

"The online referral process is simple and efficient. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend NHS and Care Volunteer Responders."

Karen Smith is an Independent Living Advisor for The Guinness Partnership, a social housing provider based in Vicars Cross, Chester. She supports those facing health challenges and loneliness.