New Cross Hospital, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

"Managing the Short Day Discharge Centre (SDDC) at New Cross Hospital, we utilise volunteers to help support patient discharge. The SDDC discharges around 45-65 patients every day, and the Pick Up and Deliver service has become integral in helping us achieve this. Patients are transferred from the acute ward to the SDDC when they are medically fit for discharge and are required to either wait for medication, transport, or a last-dose treatment. 

"Through the Pick Up and Deliver service, the prompt collection and delivery of medications and equipment by volunteers enables medically fit patients to return home sooner. Because patients don’t have to wait with us for their medicines or equipment to be prepared, they’re not delayed in getting home. The support of the volunteers prevents long stays in the SDDC or failed discharge. 

"I would definitely recommend the service, as it is easy to set up, prevents failed discharges and reduces delayed discharges, and the patients are happy and grateful that they can go home with peace of mind that their medication will be delivered. The volunteers are always so helpful and friendly. 

"To request volunteer support, we load shifts into the online portal and then volunteers sign up for shifts. This process is quick and easy and can all be monitored online."

Michelle Carless is a Senior Sister at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. To help support the efficient discharge of patients, Michelle utilises NHS and Care Volunteer Responders Pick Up and Deliver service. Through the service, dedicated volunteers ensure the swift collection and delivery of medications and equipment to patients at their homes. The service reduces delays and prevents failed discharges.