Pick Up and Deliver

Delivering medications or equipment

Volunteers support the NHS by delivering medications and or equipment to people recently discharged from hospital or in a virtual ward. This support allows them to return home promptly without having to wait for their medications in a hospital setting or get the care they need at home.

Please follow the steps below to ensure safe delivery/collection of medication or equipment.

Step 1 – Collecting the delivery

  • Details of where to collect the medication or equipment will be in the notification on the GoodSAM app. Go to The GoodSAM app for more information.  
  • If the task is a short notice task that needs to be completed on the day, the notification will include details of the collection and delivery addresses.
  • If the delivery is booked in advance as a shift, you will need to view these in the app and ‘accept’ to attend. This information will include the address of the hospital where you will start your shift. You will be provided with the delivery addresses on arrival at the hospital.
  • If you are delivering to multiple locations, we suggest you use your sat nav or a navigation app such as google maps for planning the most efficient delivery route. Please keep details of the journey to inform your expense claim.
  • Upon arriving at the hospital, you will be asked to provide your GoodSAM ID.

Before you leave the hospital, make sure you have contact details for the hospital team/person which gave you the items to deliver. If at any time you are unsure of what to do with a delivery, call them for assistance and guidance.

Step 2 – On delivery

  • Please do not enter the person’s home.
  • Do not post the medication or equipment through the letterbox.
  • Deliveries must be completed on the same day you collected them.
  • Any medicines/deliveries that cannot be delivered must be returned to the hospital that day; you must not store other people's medicines overnight in your own home.
  • Do not open the bag of medicines to be handed over to the person; full details including name and delivery address will be on the external label of the package.
  • Ask the person for their name and address and check this on the label.
  • Make sure you pass on any additional information provided by the hospital.
  • If the medicine package splits, or there’s a breakage, call the hospital contact team immediately for their advice.
  • Some people may have more than one package. When you collect the items check the number of packages for each person and ensure that all bags of medicines are delivered.
  • If the person has questions about the delivery, please advise them to contact the hospital.
  • People may have an item that will need to be returned to the hospital, for example a battery. Please return this on the same day.

Important information

  • Protect the person’s confidentiality. Volunteers must understand the level of confidentiality expected of them, a person’s privacy must be respected at all times.
  • Some medication may need to be stored in the fridge and you will be told this on collection. It is important to pass this information on to the individual. Any refrigerated medication must be delivered first.
  • You must never administer any medication.

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Page last reviewed: 03 November 2023