Pick Up and Deliver

Getting You Started Guide

As a Pick Up and Deliver Volunteer you’ll be providing essential support across different services. Volunteers will support sites and people who have been newly discharged from hospital to home or are being cared for at home on a virtual ward.

This could be delivering medicine or monitoring equipment to a person’s home, returning any undelivered items, or collecting and delivering small items of equipment between sites.

Tasks will come through to the GoodSAM app in 2 different ways:

  1. Short notice tasks that needs to be completed today (urgent).
  2. Advance notice future tasks which will be a shift task, a shift task is where you support for a period of time and is likely to involve multiple journeys or deliveries.

All relevant information will be within the app. This will include where you need to go to collect (site details) and the address for delivery. If the request is for a shift you will be given a date and start time.

More information regarding the GoodSAM app and managing the requests can be found in Future tasks - Steward and Pick Up and Deliver Volunteers.

In this guide we have included information about the different tasks you might receive. You will also be directed to practical information and key resources that will help support you as a Volunteer Responder.

You will support a range of people in diverse communities and we ask that you make sure everyone feels supported, welcomed and valued for who they are.

Further information on how you can support people with accessibility needs and learn about different backgrounds and communities can be found in our Inclusion Hub.

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Page last reviewed: 25 January 2024