Autism fact sheet

Give control

One way to help reduce anxiety is to feel like you have some control. If you are supporting an autistic person and they feel like want to have some more control, chatting about things they can control, like their daily routine, could be helpful. This might be working out times to eat, work and do some exercise. Remember everyone is different and not everyone will want or need help with this.

Lots of autistic people have one or several special interests, which it can be useful to talk about. If you’re chatting to an autistic person, make sure you are giving them the space to talk about things that they find interesting or relaxing. It can be helpful to encourage people to spend time doing the things that they find absorbing, as a way of escaping the overwhelming situation. Other things that might help could be objects or pets – and talking about these things can help too.

As with anyone you are supporting as a volunteer, if you have any concerns about their wellbeing, please contact the Support Team by calling 0808 196 3382

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Page last reviewed: 03 November 2023