Support for you or a loved one

NHS and Care Volunteer Responders is a free service available to people in England. Our friendly volunteers are there to help people in need of a bit of extra support.

What kind of help is available?

Check In and Chat

A phone call can make all the difference to how someone is feeling and can help improve overall wellbeing.

Volunteers are available to provide a friendly voice and a listening ear. The service is available for up to 18 weeks and can be requested daily or weekly. There will be a different volunteer calling each time giving plenty of opportunity to have conversations with lots of different people.

Check In and Chat Plus

For someone that might benefit from the continuity of speaking to the same person, you can request calls from a Check In and Chat Plus volunteer up to 3 times a week for up to 6 weeks.

Community Response

For anyone that might find it difficult leaving the house, Community Response volunteers are available to help by collecting prescriptions and dropping essential shopping, delivering them straight to the door.

Who can request support?

This is an inclusive programme that is open to anyone, where there is a need. Our team are always happy to talk you through what support might be available. However, please note, this is not designed to be a treatment service and volunteers are not trained to support people with complex vulnerabilities.

How to request help

If you would like to refer yourself, or If you would like to make a referral for someone that you know contact us on 0808 196 3646.

You will be asked to provide contact details, including the address and telephone number for the person being supported. You will also need to have their GP details available to ensure that we can give the right support. Note: If making a referral for someone else, please make sure that you have their permission.

How to volunteer?

Recruitment is still open for volunteers across England. More information can be found in I want to volunteer.