Pride Month

Pride Month - what is it and why do people celebrate it?

Produced by BBC

This short video tells you more about what pride is and when/ how it is celebrated.


You can find numerous Pride events happening nationwide by checking for information in your local area or see this useful calendar.  


5 of the best LGBTQ+ podcasts on BBC Sounds

Pride: 11 top LGBTQ+ podcasts to listen to for queer history and laughs

Selected by the Evening Standard

These podcasts cover topics from mental health and LGBTQ+ history, to raising families and romance

Being queer and South Asian & Being Transgender & South Asian

Produced by Masala Podcast

Masala podcasts features some of the worlds most inspiring South Asian women. 


Essential LGBT movies

Compiled by High Life North

14 LGBT movies recommended by High Life North to watch from family dramas, musicals, thrillers and epic romances.

Recommended reading

The best LGBTQIA+ books

Compiled by Pan MacMillan

Discover books featuring LGBTQIA+ characters and narratives, written by LGBTQIA+ authors, or exploring themes that have greatly affected LGBTQIA+ communities. From Booker-winning novels to autobiographies, explore this list of fiction and non-fiction LGBTQIA+ books.