How to refer/request support

NHS and Care Volunteer Responders are here to help you and the people you support.

To make a referral/request call 0808 196 3382 or

Make a referral/request online

Please see our Guide for referrers for information on how to make your referral or watch our short videos on raising a referral and signing up as a referrer.

Guidance on the specific criteria can be found in the instruction document supplied on the referral form.

See support available for more information on available services.

To find out more, arrange a meeting with one of our Regional Relationship Managers.

How to request Steward Volunteers for vaccination support

Steward Volunteers play an important role by providing guidance around vaccination sites and a friendly welcome to reassure nervous people.

They are available to support you and are looking forward to joining your team.

  • Volunteer Responders are available across England in large numbers
  • They are already recruited and credentials checked
  • You do not have to pay their expenses
  • They have their own hi-vis clothing
  • They can be booked online easily
  • Volunteers are sourced quickly (shifts are filled within 2 hours of being offered)
  • Volunteers are supported by Royal Voluntary Service
  • All volunteers have guidance and access to a 7-day-a-week support line and safeguarding team.

How it works

Steward Volunteers are automatically sent tasks direct to the app on their phone when nearby volunteer shifts are added to the system. If they want to attend, they simply ‘swipe’ in the app and they are booked. For vaccination sites, this provides a near-instant means of finding and allocating Steward Volunteers to a busy shift schedule.

How do I book Steward Volunteers?

Guidance on how to book Steward Volunteers can be found within the instruction document supplied on the referral form and from here you can easily manage your booking through our dashboard.

Please note that you are responsible for volunteer safety while they are on-site, and you must provide them with an orientation when they arrive. In the unlikely event you have concerns or issues about volunteer behaviour, you must let Royal Voluntary Service know.

For more information see the Referrer guide for Vaccination Steward support.