Mental health and wellbeing fact sheet

Supporting people who are experiencing severe distress

The Samaritans have tips on how to listen and talk to people when you are worried about their feelings. Listen, giving people the time to speak. Don’t be afraid of silence – sometimes a pause of a few seconds will give a person time to put things into words that they are finding difficult.

You may also wish to look at the training provided by the Zero Suicide Alliance. This short training outlines the things everyone can do to support someone who is in distress and may be considering ending their life by suicide. They also have a short module about social isolation and how this can impact mental health.

If you have concerns about any of the people you are supporting in your volunteering or you have been impacted by a distressing call, let us know by calling 0808 196 3382. Please remember no concern is too small to contact us with.


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Page last reviewed: 06 November 2023