Ambulance Support

As an Ambulance Support Volunteer, you will support ambulance crews by providing snacks and refreshments to staff handing over patients at Accident and Emergency departments.

We are currently recruiting for Ambulance Support Volunteers in:

- Blackburn
- Blackpool
- Cumberland
- Preston

Sign up to be a Volunteer Responder

You’ll be providing support to ambulance crews who are handing over patients at Accident and Emergency departments by providing them with refreshments and the opportunity for a friendly chat. Read the Getting You Started Guide for Ambulance Support volunteering activity.

In addition to our FAQS for signing up, you can find out more about volunteering in our FAQs for Volunteer Responders and information to support you in your activities in our fact sheets.

Ambulance Support Volunteer Phil in front a some parked ambulances

Phil's story

Read about Ambulance Support Volunteer Phil