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My app keeps freezing?

Check you are using a phone that is compatible with the GoodSAM app either an iPhone 5 upwards or a Google compatible smartphone that allows you to download the app from the Play store.

I am having trouble receiving or accessing alerts?
  • Check you are using a phone that is compatible with the app either an iPhone 5 upwards or a Google compatible smartphone that allows you to download the app from the Play store.
  • Check that you have enabled settings to receive alerts and notifications by going to phone settings > apps > permissions and ensuring location is switched ON and that the notifications toggle is ON.
  • Check that battery saving mode is not set on your phone as this restricts location access and automatically turns it off, so the app would not be able to see your location.
Should I use the communication function on the app? I have received a message on the app from another volunteer, what does this mean?

There is a function within the app which allows you to communicate with other nearby Volunteer Responders. We advise you not to use this function in the GoodSAM app. To switch this function off, please go to the settings tab and turn the “Receive Buzz” setting to ‘Off’. This field is not monitored and could potentially risk a breach of data protection guidelines.

I get a notification but then it is not allowing me to come off the accept/reject screen?

Make sure your phone is compatible with the GoodSAM app. If it’s an Apple phone, the app is only compatible for an iPhone 5 and above. For Android, the app works with anything that Google supports, therefore if you do not have the functionality of Google Play, the app will not be able to operate on this phone. Secondly, check notifications settings by going into 'Settings' on your phone, make sure these are turned on. Then go into the GoodSAM app itself and set the notifications to ON. You could also try to re-install the app.

I cannot log into the GoodSAM app as the email and password boxes are blocked by other boxes?

This sounds like there is a compatibility issue with your phone, this tends to occur on iPhones that are older than the iPhone 5 version. Please make sure you are using an iPhone 5 or above. If using an Android, check this is compatible with Google and that you have installed the app using Google play store. 

I received an alert but when I clicked on it, nothing further came up and there is nothing in the comms section. I can see the person on the map but there is no information?

Firstly, if this happens please 'Pass to another Volunteer'. Check that your location and notifications are turned to ‘ON’, both on your phone settings and within the GoodSAM app and wait for another alert.

It keeps saying my email is 'invalid as has spaces in it', but I have entered it correctly?

Sometimes when entering the email address it can place a space when you enter (.) This happens automatically, so when you enter your email address just ensure that it has not entered a space after the (.) or at the start and end of your email address. It is better to try and enter the email address manually, instead of using autofill or copy and paste which can sometimes put a space that is not required into your email.

I have tried to upload an image on my profile page but the image will not save?

Please go into your Settings > apps > responder app, then check permissions and ensure that your camera toggle and storage toggle is set to 'ON'. Also ensure that your phone is not in battery saving mode as even when these settings are on it can restrict permissions and notifications.

I have been on duty, so why have my on-duty hours not updated?

The GoodSAM app updates every time it receives a location update from your phone. If the app does not receive an update from your phone due to your settings or lack of wifi/data it will not update your on-duty hours. The number of on-duty hours is not used for any purpose and has no bearing on you receiving alerts.

My alerts are coming through silent, can I change this?

Yes, you can do this within your phone settings.  Please go into your phone settings, select notifications then ‘Responder’ and toggle to allow critical alerts.  This will ensure your alerts will come through even when your phone is on silent.

I’m registered as a Volunteer Responder but cannot remember my password. How do I reset this?

You can reset your password by visiting

I’m not receiving tasks, is my phone set up correctly?

It may be that there are not any live requests for support in your area. Please stay on-duty when you can as new referrals come in each day. However there are 2 key settings you must enable in order to receive tasks. 

Watch this short video, Getting started and follow the instructions.

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Page last reviewed: 16 November 2023