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Questions this week include why a ‘Lone Working’ button has appeared on GoodSAM, how to complete an ID check and why you might be getting alerts too far away.

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Why has a ‘Lone Working’ button appeared on the GoodSAM App?

Some volunteers may start to see a new button in the app called ‘Lone Working’. Lone working is an app function we have introduced for our new Connect pilot activity. Some volunteers may not be able to see ‘Lone Working’, because they haven’t yet updated their app. 

Why am I receiving alerts that are far away?

If you're getting alerts for over 25km away, this will be a Check In and Chat alert. This activity involves speaking to people on the phone and offering friendly telephone support. Because these tasks do not require any travel, you can receive alerts from all across England. Find out more about Check In and Chat.

You can always ‘accept’ a task to find out more, and then select ‘pass to another volunteer’ if it’s not for you.

If you would like to check which activities you are signed up to, or remove any that are not suited to you, you can login to goodsamapp.org/login and click the ‘Manage your current activities’ tab.

How do I complete an ID check?

To do an ID check, login to the GoodSAM website, and scroll down to where it says "Your ID checking process". Click this to start the process. You’ll need to do this on your smartphone and have photographic ID to hand. It won't take you long and is really simple. See our step-by-step guide for ID checking.

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Page last reviewed: 18 January 2024