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Why am I getting tasks that are too far away?

When an alert pops up, it's worth accepting it to see what kind of task it is before deciding if it's too far away.

If it's a Check In and Chat alert, the distance of the person in need doesn't matter. These tasks are done over the phone so you can receive alerts from anywhere in England.

If it's not a Check In and Chat alert, and it's a Community Response task for example where you are required to do some food shopping, then you are more than welcome to pass this task onto another volunteer if it's too far away for you.

How long will my DBS check take?

DBS checks usually take 2-4 weeks to come back, but it can sometimes be longer depending on the number of checks the DBS need to undertake.

Some checks are with local police forces, so the time of completion varies from force to force. We will notify you as soon as yours is complete so please keep an eye on your emails.

How do I add/remove activities?

Just visit https://www.goodsamapp.org/login and click ‘manage your current activities’. You can then select additional activities depending on which level of check you've completed or untick any that you would like to remove.

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Page last reviewed: 18 December 2023