Care Alert Responder Volunteer

Getting You Started Guide

Care Alert Responders provide an immediate visit to a person’s home when alerted that their personal care alarm has been triggered and the alarm monitoring contact centre is unable to contact the person to check on their wellbeing.

Personal care alarms may be worn as a pendant necklace or wristwatch and provide a person with direct communication to the alarm monitoring contact centre. They are used in the event of a fall, the person feeling unwell or needing help from the emergency services.

The request for support will be raised by the alarm monitoring contact centre and they will monitor the status of the request.

By providing an on the doorstep face-to-face welfare check, volunteers will help the ambulance service and the NHS, allowing them to focus on higher priority calls and on providing a faster outcome for people who need support. This will help support people to stay at home and prevent avoidable hospital or crisis care attendances and admissions.

All requests for support will come from the GoodSAM app as an incident alert to on duty Responders closest to the person needing support. The alert will only show on your phone for 2 minutes in order for the alarm monitoring centre to fulfil their time frame for taking action.

Please only accept if you can proceed within 30 minutes to the address shown to undertake the check.

When you accept an alert,  the alarm monitoring centre will be able to see your name and mobile phone number.

The last request to support will be no later than 6pm.

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Page last reviewed: 03 November 2023